1. Instant noodles are a travelers best buddy…

This all time student favorite will become your best friend and will continue in this meaningful role for the entirety of your hosteling life! One of the easiest food sources to hoard in your backpack, it doesn’t matter if it gets crushed or broken along your journey, the little sachets of kindness will always remain uniformed in flavor. Getting used to these little packets of joy however is a different story, you will more than likely have to add most if not all the hostel free shelf ingredients to your meal of choice. Cheap and cheerful, your devoted little twists of pasta give you a final send off by improving your broth into a delicious soup. Our instant noodles are quite the charmer but don’t expect a romantic scene from 101 Dalmatians to materialize anytime soon….

2. Learning geography in school never felt so far away!…

You might be surprised to hear that the travel community once backpacked the world with a book and a map… It’s hard to believe, but the simplicity back then now seems like a feat of grandeur to most! When situations arise and they will – ‘my smart phone is dying’, ‘the internet shop is closed?’, ‘why the hell has the train driver finish his shift four stops early?’ – Strengthen your foundations, go back to basics, understanding the fundamental rules of direction. Not only will you greater enhance your perception of your surroundings but the stress relief is a frigging godsend…

3. Conning Joe Public is everyday life…

Foreign lands can be daunting enough for any intrepid traveller but it’s normally the daily rituals of the locals that rises the stress levels for most backpackers.

The hustle and bustle, the tumultuous market noise, bartering down to the smallest of items! Some travelers are attracted to this, for others this scenario feels like we are prey and the quest for the locals is to catch us vulnerable mammals off guard but in reality this is everyday life. Study the beliefs, the values, the motives of the people and the country you are visiting. Understand their way of life, abide by their rules and always put yourself in their shoes – if you stick by these conditions your confidence of walking down a foreign street becomes very easy indeed!

3. Adjusting your sleep rituals is not a big deal anymore when prepared!

Seriously, how many nights have you been woken up by someone rustling around in their bag, friends in the room nattering at 3am, getting bitten by a damn mosquito or drunk room mates turning the lights on….our body is screaming out to these people ‘is this your first fu***ng time in a hostel??

In all honesty, this will never change…. the only circumstances we can alter is by minimizing these problems ourselves – Ear plugs, eye masks, headphones are all essential items to bring on your travels to ensure yourself at least some form of shut eye.

5. “Are you packing for 3?”

Clearly the best, I’ve done this a million times. My methodic talent in padding the maximum amount of possessions in to the smallest of bags is formidable!

Well, the art of packing is a personal choice but one that maintains scrupulous pressure. ‘where is my passport’, ‘winter clothes / summer clothes’, ‘if I have to pull everything out now I am going to scream’! Mastering the art of packing before your trip will maintain any form of sanity in your life, practice, practice, practice people….


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