[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e want to offer you the tools and guidance to be self sufficient and profitable. Providing you with goals that are manageable and achievable but also making sure you keep your feet firmly grounded. It is just as important to maintain a favorable way of life which is always so challenging in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Services on offer;

  • The Monkey Troop working manual – Effective methods to become your own self proclaimed hospitality guru. Our manual, guidelines and spreadsheets are designed to minimize your financial risk and maximize your revenue. The manual has introductions to all of our core values.

  • We can help you – With our small team of knowledgeable individuals, we will be on-site for the first stages of your business. Introducing and training your team with the most favorable online software and booking systems for your trade. It is our aim to help structure your business. We will provide you with detailed content on sourcing outside income and maintain a consistent business profile and brand awareness using our Monkey Troop core values. We can do all this by supplying you with direct access to the Monkey team of individuals for the first stages of operations.

  • The Monkey Troop franchise – Use our business model and brand to jump the cue. Brand support and protection from The Monkey Troop team. Research and budgets are all set within our core values as well as training manuals. Our process includes on-site support for the first few months of operations.

If you require general advise to help you get ahead of the game or aim a little higher by becoming your own boss please head to our business services page for more in depth advise and prices. Introductions to franchising your own Monkey Hostel don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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