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We provide our guests the opportunity to observe the culture, entertainment and night life of our city centers, as well as the tranquility and nature of their surroundings.

View our hostel locations, facilities and their social environments.

It pays to book direct! Reserve your bed to receive a 5% discount.

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Specializing in all aspects of hospitality and tourism management.

Effective introductions and efficient strategies to help you begin, maintain and advance with your new venture. Minimizing the headaches and maximizing the results.

Our professional approach allows you to control your own untroubled future.

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Hostels - Hotels - Bed & Breakfasts

Our professional team are available to guide you through the complex stages involved in opening your own housed accommodation project.

We offer all operations of business management - Marketing, Financials, HR, Website to name a few. Let us do the work for you.

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Do you wish to do be an entrepreneur in the hospitality & tourism industry domestic or abroad?

Undoubtedly the most stressful part of operating any new business is the long imbalanced process of creating and developing your brand and to be competitive in the market immediately. The Monkey Troop team can be placed anywhere in the world to help you with this procedure..

Being self employed - you have to do everything yourself, right?

No!! This is a list of industry concerns we can help you with - city taxations and laws, technical requirements for your building, administration duties, budgeting & financial spreadsheets, setting up new booking systems, social media, marketing and branding issues, not to mention employment and language barriers to name a few. The list is continuous and sometimes endless. It is extremely daunting to anyone looking to break in to the domestic market let alone foreign trade. 

The monkey Troop team has the experience to guide you through these challenging times and to relieve that intense work load. Our sound advice can be utilized via our Monkey Troop start up working manual. If you wish to exploit a more practical approach and develop your own skills effectively you can hire our Monkey Troop team for the first few months of operations to help and guide you in the most stressful of times. 

“The trade in my city is extremely competitive and I had to take the lead in the industry immediately. I hired the lads and the rest of the Monkey Troop team and introduced their core values to my business. My project has been extremely successful from the offset and even though I am running things on my own now I still get advise from the team whenever I need it.” Julian Sakamoto

We want to offer you the tools and guidance to be self sufficient and profitable. Providing you with goals that are manageable and achievable but also making sure you keep your feet firmly grounded. It is just as important to maintain a favorable way of life which is always so challenging in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Services on offer;

  • The Monkey Troop working manual – Effective methods to become your own self proclaimed hospitality guru. Our manual, guidelines and spreadsheets are designed to minimize your financial risk and maximize your revenue. The manual has introductions to all of our core values.

We can help you – With our small team of knowledgeable individuals, we will be on-site for the first stages of your business. Introducing and training your team with the most favourable online software and booking systems for your trade. It is our aim to help structure your business. We will provide you with detailed content on sourcing outside income and maintain a consistent business profile and brand awareness using our Monkey Troop core values. We can do all this by supplying you with direct access to the Monkey team of individuals for the first stages of operations.

The Monkey Troop franchise – Use our business model and brand to jump the cue. Brand support and protection from The Monkey Troop team. Research and budgets are all set within our core values as well as training manuals. Our process includes on-site support for the first few months of operations.

If you require general advise to help you get ahead of the game or aim a little higher by becoming your own boss please head to our business services page for more in depth advise and prices. Introductions to franchising your own Monkey Hostel don't hesitate to contact us directly.



Operations Manager & CEO

With 19 years experience in the hospitality industry Chris ensures The Monkey Troop remains efficient in terms of financial and economical resourcefulness. He shows great awareness in his personal life and for others around him due to his communication and goal setting skills. Previously Chris has worked many years in management of bars not to mention independent and branded restaurants within the UK and Australia. He has dealt with monetary budgets and annual revenues ranging from 50,000 Euros to 1,000,000+ Euros and through this has developed a high level of strategy, control and planning.

An adventurous individual who knows the European markets well and has traveled extensively around Australasia and Asian continents. Chris moved into the European hostel industry 8 years ago, and had immediate success with The Monkey Hostels group. Tripling revenue from these small hostel set ups from 80,000 Euros to over 220,000 Euros by stabilizing overheads and introducing new outside source revenues.

A team player who is always looking to oversee alternative methods of efficiency, team motives and development for The Monkey Troop brand to remain at the forefront of consumer requirements.



Logistics & Technical

Possessing an uncanny knack to make the right decisions and an effective self motivator, Kyle’s perception of his surroundings has produced The Monkey Troop Hostel group, and in just a few years of operations he has made them a very successful business presence within the hosteling world.

With 11 years of experience in the European tourism industry specializing in accommodation organizations, Kyle has learnt the trade with his exceptional ability and skills. Developing and broadening his strengths as a tech wizz, a product guru, employee motivator, systems analyst and a web specialist to name a few. Kyle is a self taught individual with a keen eye for detail.

It is important to mention all the cultural and backpacking trips around the world that Kyle has accomplished in his life. These travels have heightened Kyle’s perception of his surroundings and in doing so, he brings soul and atmosphere to all of our Monkey Troop venues which in turn attracts the right characters to productively push our brand and image.


  • Greg Smith

    Hostel Casa Vecchia

    'The Monkey team opened my eyes to new ideas and solutions. I was unhindered in the legalities technical requirements and taxations required by my business as this was already researched and acknowledged by the Monkey team. The booking software and spreadsheets, supplier accounts, staff training and scheduling was instantly set up for me and I got my doors opened earlier than expected which is unheard of! I was a little nervous at first but I decided to spent some of my initial budget on The Monkey team. Not only did I have instant success with a higher than expected revenue in the first year due to the recommendation of outside sources but they also showed me a new manageable lifestyle that gave me time to enjoy some the fruits of my labour and hang out with my wife and new born. The team are now great friends of mine with constant advice available if required. I highly recommend using The Monkey Troop team to help with any start up projects. Cheers lads'

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